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Sponsors and Supporters

The CGHA has been proud to be associated with various organizations and businesses since its inception in 2002. The current group of sponsors have been kind enough to provide assistance in funding various CGHA events and activities.


We also proud with our partnership with You Can Play to promote playing sports. In 2012, You Can Play was started by Patrick Burke of the NHL, Brian Kitts, a sports and entertainment marketing executive, and Glenn Witman of GForce Sports. The organization honors Brendan Burke who tragically died in 2010, a few months after coming out. Burke was the brother of Patrick Burke and son of Brian Burke, longtime NHL team executive. He was also the student manager for the Miami University Redhawks men’s ice hockey team. The CGHA strives to provide a welcoming and safe environment to anyone with the passion and dedication to play ones best. Only talent, heart, and skill matter.


The CGHA hopes to bring in more sponsors and supportors into our organization to further the game of hockey and provide service to the disadvantage in our local community.


As an active, on-going organization, we are always interested in developing relationships with sponsors for mutual promotion at events, league games, out-of-town tournaments, and for future CGHA tournaments hosted in Chicago. The CGHA is 100% volunteer operated. By supporting the CGHA with a membership, donation, or sponsorship, you are not just supporting our players and activities, but also helping to break down barriers against gays and lesbians in sports and further acceptance of gay and lesbians in our community and the country.

Your financial support provides the CGHA and its players the means to continue on a variety of levels:

  • to help cover legal, administrative, and fundraising costs required to operate the CGHA
  • to provide advance funding for events
  • to provide advance funding for hosting future national tournaments here in Chicago
  • to support players that represent Chicago in national tournaments
  • to establish a developmental program to introduce hockey to new players
  • to supply necessary equipment such as team jerseys

Our primary sources of revenue come from membership dues, player league fees, donors and sponsors. We need this revenue from each area in order to meet all of our needs. As a result, your support is invaluable.

If you would like to become a donor to the CGHA, please use the PayPal link off the main page. If you are interested in becoming a Sponsorship Partner with the CGHA, please contact any of the board members listed below through our e-mail. We thank you very much for your consideration and your continued help and support.

CGHA has been granted 501c-3 tax-exempt status.

What this means:

  • CGHA is an Illinois incorporated, registered public charity, exempt from paying state sales tax on the purchase of goods and services.
  • The 501c-3 status is effective from 01/08/2003 forward.
  • Financial contributions made to CGHA by individuals or businesses are deductible under Section 170 of the tax code, and may deduct their donations as charitable contributions.
  • Contributions may also be received in the form of tax-deductible bequests and transfers (ie: stocks from wills or trusts).
  • Financial contributions are 100% deductible, as are donated goods and services, unless noted under specific circumstances. If there are any questions, please inquire.
  • For contributions over $250, the CGHA must provide the donor with a letter of confirmation and a written description of the donation, goods or service.
  • If you need our Tax ID, please inquire.