Gay Games 2006

Points Accumulation

For the Gay Games hockey tournament, teams win a berth into semi-finals and Championship rounds by winning points based on each period, and for the final game score. The team scoring the most goals for each period gains 2 points; for a tie period, each team gains 1 point; the team that loses the period gains 0 points. At the end of the game, the team with the most goals gains an additional 2 points; or 1 point each for a tie; 0 points for a loss. The maximum points a team can gain for each game is 8.

For semi-finals and finals, games are won or lost by final game score. Games that end in a tie will go to overtime, and then five-man shootout.

Blackwolves Schedule at the Gay Games
SUN     Jul 16      5:10pm     vs. Colorado (recap)
MON     Jul 17     6:20pm     vs. San Francisco 1 (recap)
TUE      Jul 18     7:50Am     vs. LA Blades (recap)

SEMI1  Jul 19     6:20pm      vs. Colorado (recap)
SEMI2  Jul 20     7:50Am      vs. LA Blades (recap)

CHAMPIONSHIP  —  for the Bronze
Friday   Jul 21    12:10pm     vs. San Francisco 1 (recap)

Game Results Summary:
At the end of three games, the Blackwolves had 12 points and are in 4th place.
At the end of the first semi-final, the Blackwolves advanced with a 2-1 win.
At the end of the second semi-final, the Blackwolves lost 3-1 and played for the Bronze medal.
In an exciting game that ended in a five person shootout, the Blackwolves beat the San Francisco 1, 2-1.

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