Who Wants to Join?

The CGHA’s mission is to provide a non-discriminatory environment and all encompassing experience within the recreational adult hockey community. The CGHA covers it all from playing in hockey leagues to organizing scrimmages. Through fundraising and merchandise sales, they sponsor free practice ice and lessons, team essentials like pucks and water bottles, and travel assistance to tournaments. Team building is an important part of the organization. The numerous social and volunteering events help improve team camaraderie. All people with a passion for hockey – novice or pro, male or female, straight or gay, players or fans – can join our organization.

Currently, the CGHA fields four teams named Red Liners. The Downtown Red Liners play in the C2 division at Johnny’s Ice House, the North Side Red Liners play in the recreational league at the McFetridge Sports Complex and the Heartland Red Liners play at American Heartland Ice Arena in the novice league. We also have the Outdoor Red Liners who play in the Chicago Outdoor Hockey League. Our practices provide new players a chance to get out on the ice and learn the game or returning players a chance to warm up their legs.

The CGHA hosts events throughout the year ranging from the Wolves Night Out to PUCK-er Up, a CGHA vs. CGHA game complete with bragging rights and a trophy. In addition to skating in the Pride parade, we visit schools to do outreach, and we participate in several volunteer events a year to benefit the Chicago area. Check out our calendar for all of our games, events and more!

If you are interested in learning more about the organization, please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you.