Gay Games 9 – Cleveland 2014

The last time the CGHA competed in the Gay Games (Chicago in 2006), they lost to the LA Blades in the Semi-finals and then won the subsequent Bronze medal game. For 2014, they hoped to do better when competing in Cleveland. The lack of teams had resulted had the Red Liners facing off against the LA Blades for a rematch. They lost to them, 3-2, in the first game against the Blades but they regrouped for game 2 against Hollywood, 7-0. Game 3 with another rematch against LA with the Red liners taking the victory, 2-0. The top two teams would face off for the Gold in the Mens Advanced and, not surprisingly, it was Chicago vs. LA. The rematch that was 8 years coming ended with the guys in red came up strong and walling off their goal from the LA Blades. The final score was 5-2. With the win, they will return to Chicago with gold in hand and revenge on their loss 8 years ago.

  • 8/11/14 – 11:30am – Chicago Red Liners vs. LA Blades (L, 2-3)
  • 8/11/14 – 5:45pm – Chicago Red Liners vs. Hollywood (W, 7-0)
  • 8/12/14 – 12:30pm – Chicago Red Liners vs. LA Blades (W, 2-0)
  • 8/13/14 – 4:15pm – Chicago Red Liners vs. LA Blades (W, 5-2)

Championship game video courtesy of CCE Sports Network “Where Diversity Lives” and the Cleveland Foundation.

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