Jerseys Over the Years

CGHA teams have gone through multiple names and uniforms since 2002.  They are currently on their fifth version with red and black styles. The design and jersey quality has greatly improved over time.


Sept 2002 – Oct 2003: Spin

Sponsored by Spin on Halsted. The logos are on the front and shoulder.


Nov 2003 – May 2004: Spin-offs

Sponsorship by Spin was over. While team name and logos were created, a generic CGHA jersey was created.


June 2004 – Aug 2010: Blackwolves

With the creation of the Blackwolves name and logo, new jerseys were designed. This is the first jersey to display the CGHA logo. After winning the Winter 2004-2005 Rolling Meadows H2 championship, a patch was added to commemorate that win.


Sept 2010 – May 2012: CGHA

The matching red and white jerseys were featured for the Pucker-Up fundraiser. These jerseys had the large version of the CGHA logo where ‘gay’ was easily visible. The Brendan Burke logo (BB in a cloverleaf) was placed on the shoulder.


June 2012 – Present: Red Liners

The CGHA team was rebranded as the Red Liners with a new logo and jersey which soon became the envy of their opponents. It included the front laces to keep up with current jersey trends.


Aug 2014 – Present: Red Liners

After having multiple jersey conflicts, the Red Liners opted for a second set in black. The design also used a lighter-weighted material from the original red jersey which players complained was too heavy.

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