Johnny’s Red Liners Continue March to The Top by Staking Devils in their second in a row, 7-3 Win.

One of the characteristics of a good team coach is adjusting your strategy in the middle of a game. But you have to adjust it in the correct one or you could make things worse. The Red Liners have had a history of making changes for the worse in the middle of games. But for this game against the Devils, the changes rejuvenated an anemic offense and propelled the Liners to a 7-3 victory.

Just like in past game, their opponents would jump out with a goal of the first shift in the game. Upper management had started to grow tired of giving up goals within the first 15 seconds of game. But the Red Liners regroup and found their way back to tie the game during their first power play attempt. B-hole was credited for the sweeping goal from Jimmy’s pass through traffic. The second period would see the lead trade back and forth. Mixy may have found the back of the net but refs were unsure of the actual scorer. The Devils would respond with back to back goals of their own to finish the period up 3-2. At this point, the team coach decided to move La Voix, the French Canadian sensation, from defense to offense. The increased offensive speed startled the shorter benched Devils. It sparked a five goal bonanza that was unanswered by the Devils. Slim Jim would notch two goals of his own, while Easy E, Mikey, and La Voix had one goal each.

With this win, the Red Liners are one point (17) from a three way traffic jam at the top of the standings (JD Whale, Hyannisport Presidents, The Preston Kendalls at 18). However, these teams have each played 1 extra game. The Liners hope to continue this current 5 game winning streak against the 7-7-1 Rusty Blades (Jan 10 at 5:20pm – JIH East) and snag first place. Not bad for a team that had major player restructuring after their inaugural C2 season.

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