McFet Red Liners Jam Howitzers in 9-1 Shellacking

Coming off a three game losing street (especially with the tough loss of the last game), the McFet Red Liners regroup and can out running. The first goal of many by the guys and gals in red was scored in the opening minutes. In the end, the non-stop offense easily overwhelmed the Howitzers and put the Liners back in the win column.

Three goals were scored in the first period. Jessie started out with the scoring with a deflection from Davey. B-hole followed it up by popping in a rebound of Toto’s wrist shot attempt. The record of the third goal has vanished from the archives unfortunately. The second period had the Liners score 3 more goals. Roger Dodger had back to back goals. His first was a shorthanded off MK’s clearing pass. His second stuffing in Mixy’s wrap around goal attempt. Like the third goal, the scorekeeper did not properly document the goal scorer for the sixth goal. The Howitzers did score their only goal of the game off a breakaway at the Music Man, the Liners’ netminder.

In the final period, the Liners went back on the scoring and notched 3 more goals. Queen Anne wristed an unassuming shot during a powerplay that just slipped inside the near post. Dirko would be finally rewarded for his quick puckhandling when he lifted the puck into the Howitzer net after slicing through their defense. Toto would get a goal of his own by pushing a loose puck under the Howitzer goalie.

The Liners came out strong and was rewarded with a definitive win. The defense also held their own as well. Kudos go to JayKay and Leslie for their tenaciousness play. The team hope to carry this momentum to their next game against the Watchmen, Monday Nov 25th at 10:50pm.

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